James Purefoy is marvellous.

June 25, 2009 at 4:28 am (TV) (, , , , )

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I loved Rome.

I loved Rome like I love fine smooth chocolate: it’s high quality, it’s delightful, and any not-good-for-you elements can be happily ignored because it has its healthy aspects (Rome taught me a lot about, er, Rome, and hey, chocolate has antioxidants and all). But in Rome there was a large and superb ensemble cast, all of great good looks and talent. So while James Purefoy made an impression (oh yes. He made an indelible impression)
So tempted to post the full view ...
his impact was diluted by Ray Stevenson (new object of adoration; I miss Titus Pullo)

and Kevin McKidd and Ciáran Hinds (long adored – the reason I started watching in the first place).

Hail Caesar

The Philanthropist, which started tonight on NBC, is all but pure James Purefoy (so to speak). From the first words of the voiceover introduction I was smiling: that light, deep voice, that specific accent – I’d forgotten how marvellous James Purefoy is.

I remember now.

This is a risky proposition for a show. It’s so obvious in so many ways: look, here’s a rich and handsome and, yes, debonair hero out to buck the system and Do Good – he will save the world one child at a time! And he has a tragic backstory to make him more human and colorful characters around him! And we are going to Tug at your Heartstrings!
feel the tug...
Yay. Framing this first episode as flashbacks as he tells the story to a scoffing barmaid was clever, if still a bit predictable (I saw the bit with the check coming, and her reaction to the reality of it all), but they can’t exactly do that evry time. They’ll need to be careful. If it wasn’t for James Purefoy and a small element of the unexpected, this show would be Heart-Tugging Cliche Central – Bobby leading Teddy Rist out of the jungle? Seriously? But it was done rather beautifully. There was real pain when the tiny hand slipped away from his … it could have been so very bad. It really wasn’t. The overwhelming amount of credit goes to Purefoy. He’s more than just a disarming three-pointed smile: he pulled it off. The rest of the show, premiere at least – meh. Him:

Well worth coming back for.

And who knows? The show might even do some good.

Making like a barefoot Steve McQueen!


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