Nathan Fillion is marvelous.

June 28, 2009 at 4:08 am (TV) (, , , )

With only one “l”, because he’s marvelous in an American kind of way.

ABC reran an episode of Castle tonight which I missed the first time ’round.  I have a terrible time with this show for some reason – I’ve seen only a handful of episodes, which is just wrong.  As a police procedural goes, it’s not great.  Plotwise, it has a strong tendency (in the episodes I’ve seen) to follow the same pattern it did tonight: Oh, this one’s easy, open and shut – he did it.  Oh, he had an alibi, you say.  Wait, here’s more data – he did it.  Um.  Well, shoot.  Hang on, clearly it was she! Ah.  Not she.  And then something turns up and Castle cleverly uses it to uncover the real killer.  There’s some cleverness to the plotting, I suppose… The writing is pretty good; again, clever in spots, very clever in spottier spots.  A little too much of the CSI tendency for characters to say things they would certainly know but the audience needs to learn; in CSI it tends to sound like “There was petechial hemorrhaging.” (I almost spelled that right, too. Yay me.) “Ah – leaking of the blood vessels in the eyes – a sure sign of strangulation.”  Artificial, annoying, and patronizing, and downright silly.  (Show, don’t tell, Show!)  But overall the writing is better than most.

It’s the cast, though, that makes this a show I want to watch.

Particularly the ladies, and one gentleman:

Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett is good, very good.  She does an excellent job of being the tough cop whose toughness is only a thin skin over tremendous pain.  She’s different; she has timing and spark, and good chemistry with Nathan Fillion.  I like them.  I like her.  (The other cops, I’m afraid, are background, and kind of indistinguishable for me at the moment.)

Susan Sullivan, playing Castle’s mother Martha Heath, is blithely over the top.  It’s a nice, meaty character, though I’m still fuzzy on why it is exactly she’s living with Castle & Daughter.  My bad, I’m sure.  She’s fun to watch, and acts nicely as a goad to force Castle into action now and then.

Molly C Quinn… wow.  She’s Castle’s daughter, Alexis Castle, and she’s stunning.  She has a great look – as Simon Cowell is apt to say, the camera loves her.  She is, to reference a Star Trek novel, a Bright Spot.  She impresses the heck out of me in every scene.

Especially because every(?) scene she’s in she is playing against Nathan Fillion.


Their scenes together are purely adorable.  Again, lovely chemistry; she makes a darling winsome well-adjusted daughter, and he makes a gorgeous, bemused, stunned-she’s-so-well-adjusted adoring dad.  The look in his eyes at the end of tonight’s episode was beautifully done.  Nathan Fillion, as Richard Castle – I was even more delighted by the prospect of NF on television every week than I am about James Purefoy every week.  Purefoy is gorgeous with a fantastic voice, but he was only Marc Antony.  Fillion… Fillion is Mal Reynolds. (*sigh*)

And always will be.

(Yes, of course I wanted to post a picture of Mal from “Trash”. But I’ll be good.)
(I’ll just post a link: ici)

Fillion is one of those actors I will watch anything for.  Whither he goest, etc.  My favorite character in Firefly was actually Wash (hence my deep and traumatized loathing for Serenity; I’m told I need to watch it again, but after having cried for three hours after the first time, I … don’t think soon), but Alan Tudyk doesn’t draw me after him for some reason.  Same with the rest of the cast.  I adore them, I’m delighted to see them any time I stumble across them (Adam Baldwin in Chuck! Gina Torres on Pushing Daisies!),  but I’m not going to watch the Terminator series just because Summer Glau’s a star.  (Yay her, though, and long may it give her lucrative employment.) I watched Waitress for Nathan Fillion, though.  And would do it again.  And then hope for a DVD commentary from him, because he and Joss Whedon were brilliant on the Firefly disks.  To toss out another geek quote, Kaylee: “I love my cap’n!”

On a side note, can anyone tell me why on earth Eli Stone is still on when Pushing Daisies is history? What is ABC thinking??


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