Merlin: still in America, still unfortunate

August 17, 2009 at 3:28 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Merlin is, apparently, going strong two at a time on Sunday evenings on NBC… I feel almost mean about this show; I want to like it, and I can’t. Having a strong masochistic streak, I switched over last night to the first episode they aired, something about Merlin going home to help his village fight off an evil marauder or something, and Arthur and Morgana (in boys’ clothes) and (I think) Gwen go with him. (It’s easier to say “Gwen” than to try to fit her into the character of Gwenivere. Blacksmith’s daughter indeed.) In jUst the couple of minutes I saw, there was one thing that grated on my nerves, one thing that made me laugh inappropriately, one thing that ticked me off thoroughly, and one thing I just had to shake my head over.

In that order: Merlin said “okay!” (AAAAAAAUUUUUGH!); his mother knelt in front of Uther begging for help wearing The Funniest Black Eye Ever (the makeup artist had to have used up her stock of lavender eye shadow to fill in a perfectly even, evenly toned, prettily colored oval around her eye socket: it was the silliest, worst makeup I’ve seen in the last fifteen years, at least); Uther refused to help (I didn’t catch why – but – say what? No?? But –?? Big bully); and the aforementioned britches Morgana was trotting about in (she would have been burned). Not to mention that there is no way on this or any other earth that a king, even a cranky one, would allow his ONLY SON AND HEIR to go off into a battle accompanied by an unskilled (in arms, at least) boy and a couple of girls… Needless to say, I gave up. I can only lament again, as I do so often: WHY?? Why would you do this? What is the point of taking on Arthurian legend if you’re going to ignore all of Arthurian legend?


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