September 2, 2009 at 11:27 pm (Fox, TV) (, , )

Which is, depending on how you define it, synonymous with … Glee

I managed to miss it when Fox previewed this series a while ago; I heard good things, it looked fun, so when they showed the “director’s cut” tonight I was in.  (It followed So You Think You Can Dance’s “15 Best Dances” show, so it was an easy lead-in.) 


This was a weird combination of high school as it was for me, and high school as I wish it had been.  High school as it was: a pointless waste of time, with no real redeeming factors … And what high school might have been if I hadn’t been painfully shy and more talented in art than in music… To paraphrase, being part of something special makes you special, right?  If I had had that, things might be different.  (Or not: that’s part of the narrative of the show, is that Will had it, and doesn’t have the life he perhaps should have, or that he expected.  Yet.)

On a mundane level, I was fascinated by how the show told its story.  The cuts, the segways, the minimal narrative – the ultimate in “show, don’t tell”.  That was unique, and kind of wonderful.  (I’d bet it won’t be unique for long.)  The music was, happily, really, really good – and Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) breaks my heart and gives me chills.


And I am so rooting for the breakup of Will’s marriage.  My handbasket is purty, and has a cd player. 

I did not expect the show to have such a solid streak of joy running through it.  These are characters, adult and teenaged alike, who are walking a tightrope between happiness and falling apart.  Talk about reality television.  This should be good.


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