I can’t believe I forgot about this …

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Now and Again is an American television series which aired in the US from September 24, 1999 until May 5, 2000 on CBS.

[opening narration] An ordinary man – insurance executive, 45 years old – stumbles to his death on a subway platform in New York City. Or does he? Unbeknownst to his wife or child, his brain is rescued from the accident scene by a secret branch of the United States Government and put into the body of an artificially produced 26-year-old man with the strength of Superman, the speed of Michael Jordan, and the grace of Fred Astaire. The only catch: under penalty of death he can never let anyone from his past know he is still alive. And that, my friends, is a problem… for this man is desperately in love with his wife, his daughter, and his former life.

I don’t know what made me think of it yesterday – and I cannot believe I forgot all about it.

Wait! Of course I know what made me think of it:

Dennis Haysbert

Dr. Theodore Morris is all over the tv.

I cannot believe that Eric Close so thoroughly became Without a Trace‘s Martin Fitzgerald to me that I forgot about Michael Wiseman. 

I loved Now and Again.  It may have been my favorite tv series ever, at the time, and if it holds up to memory would still rank in my top five.  Eric Close was … well –Eric Close

 He’s Eric Close.  ‘Nuff said, really.  Lisa Wiseman(Oh – He was actually Michael Newman.  Get it?  Get it?) The above posted Dennis Haysbert was terrific – that voice is magnificent.  And – oh, right, that’s where I know Heather Matarazzo from.  And Margaret Colin has always been one of my favorite ladies on tv – I think I’ve loved everything I’ve ever seen her in.  (Holy blast from the past, Batman – I loved, loved, loved The Return of Sherlock Holmes.  My very first Holmes pastiche.  I suppose that’s not on video either…?) (Ooh!:

– – I find I love YouTube. Sometimes. A search shows it was only released on DVD in … Britain?  Oh, that makes sense.) (Anyway.)

The story was wild, and wonderful – John Goodman’s Michael Wiseman is on a train platform one day – and then, suddenly, he’s under the train.  He is killed – kind of.  His body expires, and his grieving widow, Margaret Colin as Lisa, and daughter (Heather, as Heather) bury him and try to figure out what to do with broken lives. 

His brain, however, was harvested by the U.S. Government and implanted into an engineered, utterly perfect body – Eric Close.  Of course.  No argument there, U.S. Government.  Well done.  He is stronger, better, faster, more …

Michael Wiseman: Can I fly?
Dr. Theodore Morris: What?
Michael Wiseman: Can I fly? You know, like, uh, Superman?
Dr. Theodore Morris: Mr. Wiseman, over the past 6 months we’ve performed a complicated series of operations. I’m tempted to call them transplants, but in truth, there is no “you” to transplant them to. Let’s call them operations. In fact, let’s agree that you have been the recipient of some of the most sophisticated surgical thinking and practice in the history of medicine. In addition, you have been inoculated with and intravenously fed over 700 highly experimental and, I believe extraordinarily promising hormones, steroids and vaccines that also were developed uniquely for you in this project. Now I mention all that because, and I’m embarrassed to admit it, that in the midst of all those surgeries, all those implant procedures, all the beta trials, tests, failures and successes… it just never occurred to any of us to shove a rocket up your ass.

 (Quotes taken from imdb – if I noted any down in 1999, I haven’t a clue where they’ve gone a-hide.)

As I’ve poked around the internet looking for anything I could find, memories of the show have bubbled up to the surface from deep below … the Eggman!  Ohmy.  And Roger, Michael’s old partner, thinking the Doc was God.  The ascetic little apartment they housed him in, and the restricted diet … What I remembered immediately upon remembering the show was, first and foremost, “Heart and Soul” on the piano – I’d give a pretty to find that on YouTube, but nothing so far.  And I remember that every episode made me cry, but every episode made me happy.  That’s a precious thing.

It’s been 11 years, and no dvd.  I wonder if they’ll ever release it.  I wonder if I still have any episodes kicking around on video, and if so if they’re not covered with mold. 

I wonder why in the name of all that’s holy such a wonderful, wonderful show was canceled.

And how on earth I forgot all about it.


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