Utterly pointless observation on Katy Perry’s neckline

September 24, 2010 at 6:32 pm (PBS, TV) (, )

There’s a whole big hoo-ha over Katy Perry’s appearance, now banned, on Sesame Street. Now, really, I don’t much care for Ms. Perry; Elmo’s not my favorite Muppet (though I love the disparity between him and his puppeteer); I didn’t have public television when I was a kid, so I *gasp* grew up without Sesame Street, so I don’t have any investment in it either … But I call stupidity.

The hullabaloo is over this dress:

I have two initial things to say on the subject:

Ariel and Belle. 

I thought of Belle first, given the yellowness and what I recalled as a plunge-y neckline.  And then I remembered her oceanic fellow princess, who is wearing … a clamshell bikini.

This picture of Perry is interesting, because it makes clear something I didn’t notice in the video that’s so unavoidable:  she’s completely covered.  You can see the lines of armholes and collar, and a bit of wide straps coming up over her shoulders, and between that and the bodice is sheer net, which means no possibility of Wardrobe Malfunction. 

So, low?  Like the animated gals, yeah.  Stable?  Yeah, which is something the other two, but for the animator’s pencil (they used pencils back then) can’t say.  Not to mention – you can’t see Katy Perry’s belly button.

Just sayin’.  That there’s a plunging waistline, too.  Of the Sexy Girls of Toddler Entertainment, Perry’s pretty modest.


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