Castle just gets better

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It is nothing short of miraculous when a tv show is good, stays on, and can boast not only a truly magnificent lead actor and really nice writing, but a truly brilliant production crew.  Nathan Fillion – the marvelous Nathan Fillion – is the magnificent lead; his Captain Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly is one of my favorite characters in all of tv, movies, or print, as Firefly itself is one of my favorite entities in all of tv, movies, or print.  Well, not movies.  Not the movie.  No. 

The amazing thing is that someone in charge of Nathan Fillion’s current series Castle, long may it wave, knows this.  Not about me – I assume – but about all the other geeks who started, as I did, watching Rick Castle because they loved Mal Reynolds.  Above is the costume Castle wore for the first Halloween episode, “Vampire Weekend” in 2009. 

Alexis: What exactly are you supposed to be?
Castle: Space cowboy.
Alexis: Ok, A: there are no cows in space. B: didn’t you wear that like five years ago?
Castle: So?
Alexis: So, don’t you think you should move on?
Castle: I like it.

I love it.  I had a fair-sized conniption that night.  Bought the episode on iTunes. 

Another mini-conniption:

Castle (in Chinese): My partner is crazy and may start firing at any moment!

Beckett: Semester abroad?
Castle: No, a TV show I used to love.

Every now and then they toss one out.  It’s nothing that will get in the way of watching the show if you never saw Firefly – but if you did, it just makes for the happy. 

Tonight’s episode, “Setup” not only is using a song by Pink Martini in the background – bravo – but involves Martha wanting to take Alexis off to a spa where she will shed her ego in preparation for teaching the students who will be flocking into her acting school.  Richard never heard of the place.  Martha’s response?

“You haven’t heard of the Serenity?”

There’s no way that was accidental.

To whomever it is responsible for the recognition of your geek fan base – I love you. 

You too, Mr. Fillion.  You too. 

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